Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Happy and Prosperous New Year 
To All Readers of 
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Composer Anniversaries for 2013
Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) Centenary of Birth
George Lloyd (1913-1998) Centenary of Birth
Cedric Thorpe Davie (1913-1983) Centenary of Birth

Some Important Works that are Celebrating Significant Anniversaries include:-
100 years Ago:-

Arnold Bax: Scherzo for Orchestra [piano version: scored for orchestra 1933] Spring Fire for Orchestra [Composed fp. 1914]
Frank Bridge: Dance Poem for orchestra [Composed]
George Butterworth: Banks Of Green Willow, Idyll for Orchestra
Hamilton Harty: The Mystic Trumpeter, Cantata
Gustav Holst: St Paul's Suite, for Strings [composed 1912-13]
Herbert Howells: Piano Concerto No 1 [completed by John Rutter]
John Ireland: The Forgotten Rite, for Orchestra [Composed] Decorations for Piano [composed fp. 1919?]
Cyril Scott: Nativity Hymn, for Chorus and Orchestra [Completed fp. 1914]
Charles Villiers Stanford: Irish Rhapsody No.4 ‘The Fisherman of Lough Neagh and what he saw.’ [Composed fp. 1914]
Ralph Vaughan Williams: A London Symphony (Symphony No 2) [Completed f.p. 1914]
2013 is also the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Death of:-
Julius Harrison (1885-1963)
William Henry Squire (1871-1963)

The 50th Anniversary Compositions will feature in a subsequent post.

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