Wednesday, 31 May 2017

It’s not British but...Enrico Pasini: Cantabile No.2 ‘For you – baia di calamosca’

I attended an organ recital a few days ago at the Glasgow University Memorial Chapel. The organist was the Italian-born Sergio Orabona. Included in his splendid recital were the 'Allegro maestoso' from Louis Vierne’s Symphonie n.3, Eduardo Torres’ captivating 'Impresión Teresiana' and three pieces taken from Marcel Dupré’s 7 Pieces op.27. Also featured were the Italian composer Marco Enrico Bossi’s well-known Scherzo, op.49 no.2 and Simon Preston’s powerful Toccata (2012).
The penultimate work in the recital was Enrico Pasini’s Cantabile No.2 ‘For you – baia di calamonica’. At least that was what was written on the programme. After research, I found that this was a ‘misprint.’ As I understand, Pasini resided for some time in Cagliari on the Isle of Sardinia. Near to his home, there is a small inlet that is actually called ‘baia di calamosca.’ It is this romantic and picturesque spot that has clearly inspired this lovely piece. Look it up on the internet.
I know very little about Enrico Pasini (b.1934), save that he had a penchant for writing music marked to be played ‘Cantabile.’ He, seemingly, has written dozens of pieces with this title. This simply means played in ‘a singing style.’

Listen to a splendid performance of this piece by Sergio Orabona played on the organ of the Madeleine Church, Paris on May 14, 2017.
The work has been arranged by the composer (or others) for flute, piano solo, organ and trombone and even a version for singer and orchestra. 

Finally, I overheard one of the concert-goers suggest that it was ‘just a bit of slush’, however I felt that it was an attractive and thoroughly well-wrought ‘bit of slush.’ It deserves its place in the repertoire of all organists. 

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