Sunday, 28 May 2017

Gulbenkian ‘’Music Today Series on EMI

Whilst in Glasgow the other day, I discovered (and purchased) an old vinyl LP (Goehr, Maxwell Davies, Williamson & Rodney Bennett) from Mixed Up Records in Otago Street, near Glasgow University. It was one of a series of LPs sponsored by the Gulbenkian Foundation and issued by EMI. Investigating, I can find only 8 albums issued in this series. I list them below. The series as it stands makes for an interesting exploration of mid-twentieth century music. Many of these pieces are available on YouTube and some have been reissued on CD.  A number of these works are British (I include the émigré composer from Spain, Roberto Gerhard in this category) however there is a French album as well as works by a diverse range of European composers.
I wonder if readers of this blog know of any further releases that I have missed?
Many thanks…

ALP 2063/ASD 613
Roberto Gerhard: Symphony No.1; Dances from Don Quixote

ALP 2064/ASD 612
Arnold Schoenberg: Suite in G for string orchestra
Elisabeth Lutyens: Cantata ‘O saisons, O Chateaux
Benjamin Britten: Prelude and Fugue

ALP 2093/ASD240
Alexander Goehr: Two Choruses
Malcolm Williamson: Symphony for voices
Peter Maxwell Davies: Leopardi Fragments
Richard Rodney Bennett: Calendar for chamber ensemble

ALP 2092/ASD 639
Olivier Messiaen: Chronochromie for orchestra
Charles Koechlin: Symphonic Poem ‘Les Bandar-Log’
Pierre Boulez: Les soleil des eaux

ASD 2333
Harrison Birtwistle: Tragoedia
Gordon Crosse: Concerto de camera
Hugh Wood: Three Piano Pieces

ALP 2289/ASD2289
Nikos Skalkottas: Octet with 8 variations on a Greek Folk Tune, String Quartet No.3

ASD 2388
Luigi Dallapiccola: Sex Carmina Alcaei, Piccola Musica Notturna, Preghiere
Ferruccio Busoni: Berceuse Élégiaque
Stefan Wolpe: Piece in Two Parts

ASD 2390
Kurt Weill: Symphony No.1; Symphony No.2

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