Sunday, 4 October 2009

Eugene Goossens: Miniature Phantasy

As far as I am aware the Miniature Phantasy for String Orchestra has never been recorded, however I would love someone to prove me wrong. It does not appear to have been written or commissioned by W. W. Cobbett as part of his chamber music competitions. Furthermore, I can find no reference to this work in contemporary reviews. The score was published c 1915 in London by Goodwin & Tabb.
I recently found an anonymous programme note for this work and give this below. Perhaps there is potential for investigating who Mrs Kimpton was?

“This work, written in the autumn of 1911, was originally designed for string quartet, and received its first performance as such at the Patrons Fund Concert in 190912. It was adapted in the following year, with a few modifications and the addition of a bass part, for string orchestra, the new version was heard later for the first time at one of Miss Kimpton’s orchestral concerts at the Aeolian Hall.
The thematic structure of the work does not require detailed analysis, consisting simply of a few bars introduction founded on the principal subject, which is heard in the 1st violins, and which forms the rhythmic basis of the entire movement. Later, a second subject is announced, also in the violins, and the ensuing development and climax is built up of harmonic and rhythmic elaboration of the two themes.
There follows a short recapitulation of the principal material, and the work ends quietly with a short coda merging, in the last few bars from minor to major. From this it will be seen that the Phantasy is structurally conventional, and though hardly typical of the composer’s recent harmonic experiments, is none the less written in free harmonic style.
The Phantasy is dedicated to Sir Henry Wood.”
[With minor corrections and edits]

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