Friday, 16 October 2009

Adam Pounds: The Martyr of Latimer and other news

A few months ago I mentioned in these pages that Adam Pounds was just putting the finishing touches to a new work – The Martyrdom of Latimer.
The work had its first performance on Saturday 3rd October 2009. Unfortunately I was not able to be present. However I do know that the work was extremely well received by an audience in excess of 800. It gained a standing ovation. Please read the review of this performance on Pounds’s website.
Dr. R J Westwell PhD, MA TESOL, MA Ed, B Mus, BA Hons wrote that:- "This profound work explored the excitement and darkness of death and spiritual revival. After the opening appealing melody was taken up in turn by the different sections of the orchestra, the toll of impending doom heralded the contrasting development of dramatic conflict, building up to an exciting climax with trumpets off-stage broadening the experience until the work's final thunderous drum call brought this fine composition to a memorable close."
I only hope that he is successful in having the work broadcast, although I do understand that the work was recorded and a future CD release will be undertaken in February with the Academy of Great St. Mary’s (the new name for the Orchestra of Great St. Mary’s, Cambridge). The venue is Great St. Marys (The University Church) Cambridge, Sunday 13th December, 7.30pm

Two last snippets of news: Pounds plans to compose a new carol, presumably for this Christmas and he will be conducting his ‘Northern Picture’ on December 13th – venue to be announced.

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