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Novello’s Organ Music Club Sheet Music: Listings

Just a listing of the ‘Novello Organ Music Club’ pieces published between 1956 and 1963. When I was a young, aspiring organist (it never really came to pass), I found several of these pieces in Cuthbertson’s and Biggar’s music shop in Glasgow. I confess to buying a number of these volumes, with little hope of ever being able to play them. Since those days in the early 1970s, precious few have been recorded. Yet a rough-and-ready play-through on the piano/organ suggest that these are often works of considerable value that ought to be played in ‘choirs and places where they sing’ and, I believe ought to be committed to CD as a group.
A few of these composers are probably now forgotten, except amongst organ enthusiasts: fewer have carried their achievement into the 21st century. Some of these pieces may occasionally be heard at organ recitals. A handful have been recorded on YouTube or commercial CD. Fortunately, Arthur Wills, Derek Holman, Peter Hurford and Francis Jackson remain part of the music scene.   
I owe thanks to the Cumbrian Society of Organists, where these listings were originally published in .pdf format. I have used this list as a cross check against WorldCat and the published lists by Novello on the rear covers of their organ music publications.

1 Alec Rowley (1892-1958) Triptych for organ (1955)
2 Eric Thiman (1900-75) Three Pieces for organ (1955)
3 George Dyson (1883-1964) Prelude and Postlude for organ (1956)
4 Francis Jackson (b. 1917) Three Pieces for organ (1956)
5 Flor Peeters (1903-86) Preludium, Canzona e Ciacona, op.83 for organ (1956)
6 John Cook (1918-84) Invocation and Allegro giojoso for organ (1956)
7 Healey Willan (1880-1968) Rondino, Elegy and Chaconne for organ (1957)
8 Heathcote Statham (1889-1973) Four Diversions for organ (1957)
9 William H. Harris. (1883-1973) Miniature Suite for organ (1957)
10 Jean Langlais (1907-91) Three Characteristic Pieces for organ (1957)
11 William Lloyd Webber (1914-82) Chorale, Cantilena and Finale for organ (1958)
12 Henry Coleman (1888-1965) Two Pieces for organ (1958)
13 Gordon Jacob (1895-1984) Prelude, Meditation and Fanfare for organ (1958)
14 Camil Van Hulse (1897-1988) Biblical Sketches for organ (1958)
15 Charles Hutchings (1910-64) Ostinato, Elegy and Paean for organ (1959)
16 Guy H. Eldridge (1904-76) Four Impressions for organ (1959)
17 Norman Gilbert (1912-75) Pieces for four seasons for organ (1959)
18 Vernon Griffiths (1894-1985) Short Suite for organ (1959)
19 Herbert Sumsion (1899-1995) Air, Berceuse and Procession for organ (1960)
20 Gordon Slater (1896-1979) Prelude, Intermezzo and Epilogue for organ (1960)
21 Arthur Milner (1894-1972) Prelude, Siciliano and Ricercare for organ (1960)
22 Desmond Ratcliffe (1917-2001) Preamble, Contrast and Hosanna for organ (1960)
23 Clifford Harker (1912-99) Pastoral Suite for organ (1961)
24 Sidney Campbell (1909-74) Canterbury Improvisations for organ (1961)
25 Arthur J. Pritchard (1908-97) Procession, Interlude and Sortie for organ (1961)
26 Arthur Wills (b. 1926) Eucharistic Suite for organ (1961)
27 Philip Cranmer (1918-2006) Prelude, Ground Bass and Finale for organ (1962)
28 C.S. Lang, C.S (1891-1971) Prelude, Pastorale and Fugue for organ (1962)
29 Arnold Cooke (1906-2005) Prelude, Intermezzo and Finale for organ (1962)
30 Robert Ashfield (1911-2006) Carillon, Plaint and Paean for organ (1962)
31 Derek Holman (b. 1931) Prelude, Air and Fugue (1963)
32 Peter Hurford (b.1930) Two Dialogues for organ (1963)

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