Monday, 24 July 2017

A Dozen British 20th Century Orchestral Works I would love to see recorded.

Just a list of a dozen orchestral works that I understand have never been recorded. Four or five of them are by relatively well-known composers, although I guess that none of them are household names or feature in the Classic FM Hall of Fame. I understand (but do not know for sure) that the Lutyens piece is not in her ’12-tone-Lizzie’ style but is representative of her work in writing music for film documentaries. 
  1. Arthur Benjamin: From San Domingo (includes part for tenor saxophone)
  2. Geoffrey Bush: Two Schubert Scherzos
  3. Howard Carr: The Jolly Roger (fantasy)
  4. Francis Chagrin: Concert Rumba
  5. Gaze Cooper: Tone Poem 'Newton, Lincs,' op.27
  6. Ronald Duncan Highland Rhapsody
  7. Inglis Gundry: The Logan Rock
  8. Pamela Harrison: An Evocation of the Weald
  9. John Longmire: Green Park (for light orchestra)
  10. Elisabeth Lutyens: Suite -The English Seaside
  11. Freda Swain: Marshland: tone poem for chamber orchestra
  12. Graham Whettham: Red Cliffs and the Sea – Symphonic Poem

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