Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ernestine Birch: The Milkmaid's Delight

I could not resist this! I have on occasion linked to Phillip Sear’s excellent recordings of music by English composers, who were largely associated with the Royal Academy of Music. However, this piece is a real gem. Apparently it is the sole published piece by Ernestine Birch (1881-1970) who also happened to be Phillip’s great-aunt. Ernestine studied with the great pedagogue and composer, Frederic Corder. In later life she taught piano in Teddington. However The Milkmaid’s Delight is a lovely ‘genre piece’ that deserves respect and is thoroughly enjoyable.

Published in 1918 by the Anglo-French Music Co on the recommendation of York Bowen: a copy of this piece is presently held in the British Library and the Royal Academy of Music.
With thanks to Phillip Sear for letting me use the recording of this piece.

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