Monday, 15 March 2010

British Chamber Music: Unperformed and Forgotten Works

Some British chamber music from the first half of the Twentieth Century that surely demand revival...

William Hurlstone Phantasy in A minor and A Major; Novello and Co.
James Friskin Phantasy in D Major; Novello and Co
Haydn Wood Phantasy in F Major; Novello and Co
Waldo Warner Phantasy in F Major; Novello and Co
Joseph Holbrooke Phantasy in D minor; Novello and Co

James Friskin Phantasy in E Minor; Novello and Co.
Alice Verne-Bredt Phantasy: Trio in One Movement; Schott
Susan Spain-Dunk Phantasy in A Minor; (Still in MS)

Susan Spain-Dunk Sonata in B minor; (Still in MS)
Albert Sammons Phantasy in B Major, Op. 8; Boosey and Hawkes
William Reed Fifth Quartet in A Major; Augener

James Forrester Folksong Phantasy Trio; Novello and Co.
Arnold Trowell Trio on Ancient Irish Folk Tunes, Op. 32; Novello and Co.
Waldo Warner Folksong Phantasy in G minor; Ricordi
Cecil Armstrong Gibbs The Enchanted Wood for piano, solo violin, and string quintet; Curwen
James Friskin Phantasy in F Minor for Piano Quintet; Stainer and Bell
Benjamin Dale Phantasy for Viola and Piano; Schott
Thomas Dunhill Phantasy Trio for Piano, Violin, and Viola; Stainer and Bell
James McEwen Phantasy String Quintet with Two Cellos; (Still in MS)
Ethel Barns Phantasy Trio for Two Violins and Piano; Schott
Richard Walthew Phantasy Piano Quintet in E Minor; Stainer and Bell

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