Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Promenade Concerts 1959: Novelties

Looking up the listing in David Cox’s invaluable book, The Henry Wood Proms, I note the following British (or Commonwealth) works were given at the 1959 Promenade Concerts. It is interesting to note that out of some eleven ‘novelties’, six of them are currently available on CD.
Hopefully in the fullness of time, the Leighton will appear in the Chandos series. Perhaps Graham Whettam is a composer that deserves to be rediscovered in the near future?

William Alwyn: Symphony No.4 (Premiere)
Richard Arnell: Suite from the Ballet, Harlequin in April (First Concert Performance)
Lennox Berkeley: Symphony No.2 (First London Performance)
York Bowen: Piano Concerto No.4 in A minor (First Concert Performance)
Daniel Jones: Symphony No.5
Kenneth Leighton: Burlesque (First Concert Performance)
Elizabeth Maconchy: Concerto for Oboe Bassoon and Strings (First Concert Performance)
Humphrey Searle: Symphony No. 2
Michael Tippett: Ritual Dances from The Midsummer Marriage
Graham Whettam: Dance Concertante for Two Pianofortes (three hands) and Orchestra (First London Performance)
Malcolm Williamson: Piano Concerto (First London Performance)

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