Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Adam Pounds: His New Website

I have discussed Adam Pounds and his music on this ‘blog’ a few times. I have given a couple of updates of his latest compositions and have written essays on his Cradle Song, his Festival Overture and his fine Northern Pictures. Pounds is a composer who impresses me with his style of music which is at one and same time traditional and forward looking.
I am delighted to see that he has a fine new Web Site designed by Thomas Daly: it both professional and user friendly. There is always a danger that composers and other artists settle for second best when it comes to promoting their artistic achievements. Pounds's site is straightforward, does not have adverts, it is not spoilt by pyrotechnics or flashing lights! And perhaps most importantly it allows the interested music lover to hear a number of extracts from his works: the quality of these samples are excellent. The entire site is really a model for any composer.
Unfortunately relatively few of Pounds’s works are available on CD - see the discography section of his website for details. But listening to a number of the samples suggests to me that the time is certainly right for the Symphony and the Violin concerto to be recorded. I feel that if the Symphony in particular were widely known it would take its rightful place in the symphonic repertoire of Great Britain.
Adam Pounds was a pupil of Sir Lennox Berkeley and his music certainly seems to be a credit to both his teacher and his own hard work.

Please visit the ADAM POUNDS WEBSITE

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