Saturday, 31 January 2009

Adam Pounds: Notes and News

I recently posted about Adam Pounds’s attractive Christmas carol ‘Cradle Song’ and his excellent Festival Overture. I was delighted to hear that in last few weeks he has been very busy. The Carol was performed again on the 16th December in Ely Cathedral. During the Christmas period a new work, ‘To an Evening Star’ was performed at the University Church at the ‘Carols by Candlelight’ service with over 1,000 in the congregation. Who says that no-one attends Church nowadays! And there was another performance of the ‘Festival Overture’ at the same venue.

Recently Pounds has been commissioned to write a new orchestral piece by the Ely Sinfonia. This is to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It will be performed in the Cathedral in October together with Beethoven's Fifth and the Mozart Requiem. The Composer told me that he was “really pleased to have been asked and [that] they have asked me to consider the acoustics of the cathedral in perhaps employing some off-stage performers as well.” It will be an event to look forward to, if his other orchestral works are anything to go by.

The composer is also hoping to produce a CD of his chamber music and naturally I am looking forward to receiving a review copy!

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