Saturday, 9 August 2008

Chiltern Press: Parry & Stanford

The other day in Foyles’s bookshop I came across a number of publications by a company called Chiltern Press. These were reprints of 'out of copyright' musical scores. They included the First and Second Piano Sonatas and the Theme and Nineteen Variations by Parry and the Twenty Four Preludes by Charles Villiers Stanford. Great stuff!
Naturally I invested in the one of two of these fine works.
However, when I tapped the name Chiltern Press into my computer, I could find no mention of a music publishing business. I had hoped to discover the range of their publications. Perhaps they are no longer in business, as their copyright date was 1995.
But if this is still ongoing, it seems a great project and I wish them well – but please give a phone number or email address on the cover of each piece!
Of course it could just be that I am out of date and missed a good thing when it happened!

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chris howell said...

Chiltern Music (not Chiltern Press) is part of Cathedral Music. Created by Richard Barnes, it was originally dedicated to reprinting out-of-print church music. It now has a large catalogue of non-religious music including much Parry and Stanford, which appears under the "Chiltern Music" name. It also has a particular interest in Karg-Elert. A website seems to be under construction but contact details can be found here:

Chris Howell