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John Ireland in Music Survey: New Series 1949-1952

I noted these three reviews – the only mention of John Ireland, in the pages of Music Survey New Series 1949-1952. Only the one by Robert Layton is mentioned in Stewart Cragg's A Catalogue, Discography and Bibliography. I quote them verbatim, for the record.

John Ireland: Overture, “Satyricon”
“This bright, taughtly-constructed overture, which was first performed at a Promenade Concert in 1946, is here presented as the first of a series of miniature scores issued by Joseph Williams, Ltd. The music, on 6x9 inch format, is very legible indeed for a photographic reduction of a full score. A title on the spine would help in matters of identification.”
Denis W Stevens
Music Survey: Volume II No. 4 Spring 1950 

“This spirited little work is prefaced by a quotation from the Satyricon of Petronius, telling us “to be merry, and to put life in our Discourse with pleasanter Tales.” This laudable resolution is duly observed by John Ireland in this well-written and crisply scored piece. The brisk and highly rhythmic opening, which forms the basis of most later development, leads through an animated sequence of some interest to the second group, both elements of which are equally undistinguished and share a certain facile lyricism which fails to convince. The work is, however, refreshing, has moments of considerable sparkle, and is devoid of pretence. It was completed in 1946 and first performed at a Promenade Concert the same year.
Robert Layton
Music Survey: Volume II No.2 Autumns 1949 

John Ireland: The Forgotten Rite.
A review of the Hallé Orchestra conducted by Sir John Barbirolli HMV C3894 priced 4s.0d 
There is no programme for this brief, finely wrought tone poem: it evokes, rather than depicts, the darkness and light of pre-history. This atmosphere the Hallé Orchestra seems to understand, through the medium of their guide and conductor, and the playing, especially of the solo flute, is sensitive and imaginative.
Denis W Stevens
Music Survey: Volume II No. 2 Autumn 1949

Satyricon: Boult and the LPO on Lyrita
The Forgotten Rite: Boult and the LPO on Lyrita

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