Friday, 19 May 2017

Twenty Pieces of Music evoking London

A listing of 20 pieces of music that are descriptive or evocative of London. I have presented the works in chronological order.
The geographical location has been stretched to include Hampton Court. Most of these works have been recorded, some many times. However, I understand that the Mackenzie and the Walford Davies are not [yet] available. Opportunity knocks?
With thanks to Lewis and Susan Foreman’s essential book, London: A Musical Gazeteer, Yale University Press, 2005) which acted as an excellent aide-memoire when I was writing this post.
The listener should note that there are plenty more pieces that I could have listed: perhaps a further 20 in a future post.

Edward Elgar: Cockaigne Overture (In London Town) (1900-1)
Alexander Campbell Mackenzie: London Day by Day Suite (‘Under the Clock’, ‘Merry Mayfair’, ‘Song of Thanksgiving’ and ‘Hampstead Heath’) (1902)
Ralph Vaughan Williams: A London Symphony (1914/1920/1933)
George Dyson: In Honour of the City (1928)
John Ireland: Ballade of London Nights (1930)
Eric Coates: London Suite (‘Covent Garden’, ‘Westminster’, ‘Knightsbridge March’) (1933)
Eric Coates: London Again Suite (‘Oxford Street’, ‘Langham Place: Elegie’ and ‘Mayfair Valse’) (1936)
John Ireland: A London Overture (1936)
Henry Walford Davies: Big Ben Looks On: orchestral fantasy (1937)
Arnold Bax: A London Pageant (1937)
Haydn Wood: London Landmarks (‘Nelson’s Column’, ‘Tower Hill’, ‘Horse Guard’s Whitehall’) (1946)
Haydn Wood: London Cameos (‘The City’, ‘St James Park’ and ‘State Ball at Buckingham Palace’) (1947)
Haydn Wood: Snapshots of London (‘Sadler’s Wells’, ‘Regent’s Park’ and ‘Wellington Barracks’) (c.1948)
Cyril Watters: Piccadilly Spree (c.1953)
Montague Phillips: Hampton Court (1954)
Robert Farnon: Westminster Waltz (1956)
Phylis Tate: London Fields Suite (‘Springtime in Kew,' ‘Rondo for Roundabouts’, ‘Hampton Court – the Maze’ and ‘St James’s Park – a lakeside reverie’. (1958)
George Lloyd: Royal Parks -for brass band (1985)
Gordon Langford: London Miniatures (‘London Calls’, ‘Soho’, ‘Green Park’, ‘Trafalgar Square’, ‘The Cenotaph’ and ‘Horse Guard’s Parade’) (?)
Eric Ball: Kensington Concerto -for brass band (1972)


Paul Brownsey said...

Don't forget Ketelby's Cockney Suite, one of the items being called 'Appy 'Ampstead (apostrophes in original). There's something faintly patronising about the spelling which I find I nonetheless quite like...

Graham said...

Will Frank Tapp's Overture 'Metropolis' which you covered in 2013 form part of this list?

Ever since you posted about it I have been waiting for further information, just in case any had come to light.

John France said...

Yes, I would love to hear Tapp's overture. I guess the score has disappeared into the mists of time.
It is so frustrating to know details of a work, but not be able to hear it.