Sunday, 15 May 2011

Eric Coates: The London Works

 I was glancing at Geoffrey Self’s fine biography of Eric Coates the other day. Looking at the index revealed a fair few works that were inspired by London. Some of them are exceptionally well-known, but a few are rarities. One or two of them may be about the Capital or might refer to another part of the country:-

From Meadow to Mayfair Suite: In the Country, A Song by the Way and Evening in Town
London Everyday Suite (later became the famous London Suite): Covent Garden, Westminster and the Knightsbridge March
London Bridge March
The Man-about-Town (from the Three Men Suite)
London Again Suite: Oxford Street, Langham Place and Mayfair Valse
Footlight: Concert Valse (the West End?)
London Calling March
Holborn March
On the Mall (unpublished)
'In Town': Song with words by Dorothy Dickinson

Most of these works are available on CD, however 'On the Mall' and 'In Town' would appear to remain unrecorded.

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Ron Hollands said...

Could you also include the song 'The Dreams of London' (words by Almey St John Adcock)? It was recorded by Brian Rayner Cook (with Raphael Terroni accompanying)on ASV CD WHL 2081.