Sunday, 8 March 2009

Cyril Scott: ‘Complete’ Piano Music on Dutton Epoch

One of the most important projects over the last few years has been the release of the ‘complete’ piano work by Cyril Scott. This massive achievement has been achieved by the Canadian pianist Leslie De’ath on with the help of a few other pianists in the two piano and piano duet works. The 5th and last volume was released last month by Dutton Epoch.

Visit the Dutton Web site to see the contents of each of the five volumes:-
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5

However, a brief look at the Cyril Scott Bio-Bibliography by Laurie J. Sampsel reveals that it is not quite the complete works. The following appear to be missing (I stand to be corrected):-

Album for Boys (W4)
Album for Girls (W5)
Ballades (W38)
Dance Song (W86)
Preludes Op.37 No.1 (W261)
Technical Studies (W372)
Toy-Box (W378)
Variations on an Original Theme (W399)
Nursery Rhymes (Piano, four hands) (W222)
Early One Morning (Two Pianos) (W102)
Harpsichord Music Selections J.S Bach (W426)
Impressions from the Jungle Book arr. No. 1 (W426) Two Pianos
Impressions from the Jungle Book arr. No. 5 (W151) Two Pianos
Pastoral Suite No.5 Passacaglia arr. (W240)

I suppose that I should not complain, and will be accused of being a train spotter. However, I do miss not having the Toy-Box Suite on disc. Nonetheless, I have my own copy of this work –so I can always play Teddy Bear’s Headache for myself. It is one of the minor pleasures of the musical life.

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