Thursday, 1 January 2009

A Happy New Year to all the Readers of The Land of Lost Content 'Blog'.

The New Year is a time for looking back and for looking forward…I guess that I will be posting about some or all of these composers and their anniversary works over the coming weeks and months.

Composer Anniversaries

Henry Purcell (1659-1695) 350
Charles Avison (1709 -1770) 300 years
Basil Harwood (1859-1949) 150 years
Robin Orr (1909-2006) 100 years
James Macmillan (1959- ) 50 years

Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759) 250 years
Haydn Wood (1882-1959) 50 years
Felix Swinstead (1880-1959) 50 years
Stanley Bate (1911-1959) 50 years
Robin Milford (1903-1959) 50 years

In 1909 (Centenary) the following works were composed (largely composed) or received their first performances:-

Arnold BAX: In Faery Hills for orchestra
George BUTTERWORTH: ‘I Fear Thy Kisses’, song
Edward ELGAR: Elegy, for string orchestra
Edward GERMAN: Fallen Fairies, comic opera
Hamilton HARTY: Violin Concerto
Josef HOLBROOKE: Pierrot and Pierrette, opera
Gustav HOLST: First Suite for Military Band (composed); A Vision of Dame Christian, incidental music;
John IRELAND: Violin Sonata No 1
Ralph VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: A Sea Symphony (completed) The Wasps, incidental music; On Wenlock Edge, song cycle
Roger QUILTER: Seven Elizabethan Lyrics

In 1959 (50th Anniversary) the following were composed (largely composed) or received their first performances:-

William ALWYN: Symphony No 4
Malcolm ARNOLD: Guitar Concerto; Five Songs of William Blake, for voices and strings
Arthur BENJAMIN: String Quartet No 2;
Lennox BERKELEY: Overture for light orchestra; Sonatina for two pianos;
Harrison BIRTWISTLE: Monody for Corpus Christi, for soprano, flute, horn and violin;
Havergal BRIAN: Symphony No.13
Benjamin BRITTEN: Cantata Academica; Carmen Basiliense, for solo voices, chorus and orchestra; Missa Brevis
Alan BUSH: Dorian Passacaglia and Fugue; Symphony No 3, Byron, for baritone, chorus and orchestra (1959-60)
Geoffrey BUSH: Songs of Wonder
Arnold COOKE: Ballet Suite: Jabez and the Devil; Five Part-songs for unaccompanied chorus
Peter Maxwell DAVIES: Ricercare and doubles on 'To many a well'; (revised 1976)
Peter DICKINSON: Three Juillard Dances, for instrumental ensemble; Variations, ballet; Vitalitas, ballet; Monologue for strings
Benjamin FRANKEL: Bagatelles for eleven instruments; Eight Songs for medium voice and piano
Peter Racine FRICKER: Serenade No 1 for flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, viola, cello and harp; Serenade No 2 for flute, oboe and piano
Roberto GERHARD: Symphony No 2
Iain HAMILTON: Sinfonia for two orchestras
Alan HODDINOTT: Nocturne and Dance, for harp and orchestra; Piano Sonata No 1
Wilfred JOSEPHS: Concerto a Dodici, for wind ensemble
Elisabeth LUTYENS: Quincunx, for solo voices and orchestra (1959-60)
John McCABE: Violin Concerto No 1
Thea MUSGRAVE: Triptych, for tenor and orchestra
Priaulx RAINIER: Trio-suite for violin, cello and piano (composed) Pastoral Triptych (1958-59)
Alan RAWSTHORNE: Symphony No 2, A Pastoral Symphony
Edmund RUBBRA: Violin Concerto
Robert SIMPSON: Variations and Fugue for recorder and string quartet


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Can Bass 1 said...

I do so love Quilter's Elizabthan Lyrics, and shall now ensure it features in one of my recitals this year! (Love Britten's Missa Brevis, too - largely because it's only for boys and we get the morning off!)