Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Graham Peel: Ettrick –a song for baritone

I was rummaging in a second-hand music bookshop in London the other day and I found this song by the relatively unknown composer Graham Peel.
I played it over on the piano and hummed and la-la-ed the tune and was generally impressed. I looked on the Internet and found that there was virtually nothing about the song or the composer. So a little thought and research later I wrote this article!

I was delighted when it was published on MusicWeb International with a fascinating codicil by Christopher Howell. To my mind it shews that there is a considerable interest in ‘forgotten songs’ and ‘lost piano pieces’ within the community of British Music Enthusiasts.
I later found out that a gentleman in the Wirral is pursuing a study of Graham Peel – so I look forward with interest to see what will be the fruits of his labour. In the meanwhile I guess that I will continue to unearth music by Peel and many other composers. I just hope that one day I may hear this song sung by a professional and not by my caterwauling!

Please read both articles on MusicWeb International


ChickPea said...

I was hoping for an audible rendering of your finding - but my search appears in vain. Sadly. I am most disappointed. Nonetheless, thank you for your blog sharing your delight - and long may you enjoy many more happy and fruitful rummagings, and many more posts to the blogosphere.

Can Bass 1 said...

I would, of course, be delighted to oblige. I have, in fact, recorded Peel's setting of 'Summertime on Bredon' which, in my opinion, is among the finest (settings, that it - not recordings!).

Ged said...

I am desperate for a recording of 'In summertime on Bredon' - Graham Peel setting for my dad's funeral on Mon 9th Feb. I've bought a CD but it was the wrong tune. My dad used to sing this so beautifully and it would be so moving to hear it at his funeral.
Can you possibly help?

Ged Cooper