Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Flying-Crooked: Four Songs by Ian Venables

I had never consciously heard any piece of music by Ian Venables before discovering the fine ‘Severn & Somme’ CD recently issued by Somm (CD057). But it was certainly the Venables pieces that caught my attention – at least in the ‘non-Gurney’ part of the recital. Here are four songs, which well serve as a fine introduction to his music...

...the first thing that caught my notice was my immediate impression that Ian Venables has a claim to be part of the ‘apostolic succession’ of English lieder writers. I asked him about his models – and suggested to him that the style of these songs was largely conservative. I guess what I meant was that they appear to be in a direct line from Gurney himself, Ireland, Finzi and Britten. I wondered if this apparent ‘conservatism’ was a deliberate decision or ‘just happened.’

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Can Bass 1 said...

How very interesting! I must add some of Mr Venable's opus to my own repertoire.