Friday, 4 July 2008

Egon Wellesz: String Quartets Nos. 3, 4 & 6

Egon Wellesz (1885-1974) String Quartets: No. 3 Op.25 (1918) revised by Hannes Heher; No. 4 Op 28 (1920) No. 6 Op.65 (1947) Artis Quartett Wien (Peter Schuhmayer (violin I); Johannes Meissl (violin II); Herbert Kefer (viola); Othmar Müller (cello)

“I had never heard any of the String Quartets by Egon Wellesz before listening to this CD. Furthermore, I guess that they will be a new experience to many enthusiasts of 20th century music. In fact, I imagine that he is hardly a ‘household’ name. Yet hearing these three quartets a couple of times, suggests to me that Wellesz is a composer that desperately needs to be re-discovered. Let us hope that this CD signals a revival.”

“Egon Wellesz’s String Quartets are critical in gaining an understanding and appreciation of his achievement. For, unlike the symphonies which were the product of Wellesz’ later years, the quartets were composed right across the composer’s career. They offer an insight into his musical development between 1912 and 1966. As such they are a key document in 20th century music – both of his adopted home and of the Second Viennese School. I sincerely hope that Nimbus will complete the cycle over the coming months.”

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