Friday, 6 June 2008

English String Series: an important and interesting resource

I found reference to these tantalising pieces for sting orchestra whilst investigating Roger Quilter's Gypsy Life: Fantasy Quintet. Now unfortunately the Quilter is the only one that appears to have been recorded. As I understand it, this series was not aimed at amateur orchestras as such, but based on a hearing of Gypsy Life, accomplished players with considerable technique.
I say no more that this: wouldn't it be lovely if some obliging record company chose to issue all eleven works on a CD? Certainly if someone wanted to play one of these I would be willing to do a bit of digging!

And one other thing - I am so curious to know what Ernest Markham Lee's Rivers of Devon Suite and Julian Herbage's Humour of Bath Suite. And then there is the Dunhill...

Leslie Woodgate (1902 -1961)
English Dance Suite Op.12
English String Series No.1 (1929)

Frederick Adlington (1892-1931)
Three English Folk Tunes: Suite
English String Series No.2 (1930)

Alec Rowley (1892-1958)
Shepherd’s Delight for string orchestra
English String Series No.3 (1929)

Ernest Markham Lee (1874-1956)
Rivers of Devon: Suite
English String Series No.4 (1929)

Thomas Dunhill (1877-1946)
In Rural England: Suite for String Orchestra
English String Series No. 5 (1929)

Julian Herbage (1904-1976)
The Humour of Bath: Suite for String Orchestra
English String Series No. 6 (1930)

Frederick Adlington (1892-1931)
Bracebridge Hall Suite
English String Series No.7 (1931)

Eric Thiman (1900-1975)
Two Seventeenth Century Tunes for Piano and Strings (freely arranged)
1. Barbara Allen
2. Green Meadows
English String Series No.8 (1935)

Roger Quilter (1877-1953)
Gypsy Life: Fantasy Quintet for piano 1st & 2nd violin, viola, cello and bass (optional part for 3rd violin)
English String Series No.9

Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
Ayres for the Theatre Suite (arranged by L. Bridgewater)
1. March (The Married Beau)
2. Slow Ayre (Distressed Innocence)
3. Dance (The Fairy Queen)
4. Jig (The Married Beau)
5. Country Dance (Dioclesian)
6. Trumpet Ayre (The Married Beau)
English String Series No.10 (1936)

Denys H.H. Grayson
In Linden Time – Romance for piano or harp, 1st & 2nd violin, viola, cello and bass
English String Series No. 11 (1937)

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David Barker said...

Wouldn't this be an ideal recording in the Naxos String Miniatures series?