Monday, 19 May 2008

Ernest John Moeran: Cello Concerto, Sonata and Prelude

Cello Concerto (1945) Cello Sonata (1948) Prelude for cello and piano (1944) Peers Coetmore (cello); Eric Parkin (piano) London Philharmonic Orchestra/Sir Adrian Boult

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing this CD for MusicWeb International. I opened my review by shriving my soul…“I must confess that at the age of about 16 I fell in love with Peers Coetmore. I recall buying the original Lyrita vinyl album of the Cello Concerto from a shop called Cuthbertson’s in Cambridge Street, Glasgow. On the cover of that LP was a lovely photograph of Moeran and Peers looking out over a hilly landscape which I think was Hergest Ridge. It fulfilled all my youthful romantic notions of what a woman should be like: one who loved the British landscape, was a consummate musician and an attractive lady. Since that time the Cello Concerto has been my number one Desert Island Disc. It has never, in 38 years, been usurped from that position. In spite of the fact of a certain critical downer on Peer’s playing, it will always remain for me the definitive performance of this masterly work…”

At the end of my review I suggest that “it is not possible to read a definite programme into the Cello Concerto or any of the works written for Miss Coetmore: they are not ‘autobiographies’. However, it is clear that in many pages and passages of these works Ernest John Moeran expressed the genuine, deep love and devotion he felt for Peers.”
Please read my complete review here Moeran Cello Concerto on Lyrita

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